My vision of success wasn’t realistic for me anymore.

I understand what it’s like to feel like you are failing at everything. With very little emotional or financial support, I worked my way through college and began my career. I believed that if I just kept working harder, longer and smarter, I would attain that idealistic idea of success.

When my husband and I were blessed with two children, the hustle of life compounded. I wanted to keep climbing the ladder of success in my career, raise wonderful children, prepare a perfectly balanced meal each night, and have an HGTV-worthy home. I was trying to be all things to all people, and I was exhausted. I felt like I was failing everyone, especially myself.

You shouldn’t feel like you always have to do it all in order to be successful. I’ll equip you with the tools to create your own version of success with personalized coaching that creates space for you to pursue what’s most important. Here’s how I do it: 1. We have a conversation. 2. We clarify your priorities and goals. 3. You become the CEO of your life.

Challenge Arrows

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My 5 steps to real growth:

  • Have a growth mindset

  • Make a personal commitment to grow – live daily with your goals in mind

  • Understand real growth is slow, but progress ensures success
  • Cultivate motivating relationships. Growing people surround themselves with growing people.

  • Take some risks! No risk = no change = no growth

A Personalized Plan

Work with intention and love your life again.

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Top 5 Time Management Tips for Women in Business

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Meet Susan Stutzel

A Mindset and Productivity Coach, Susan specializes in helping professional women work less so they can love their life again.

Susan is passionate about freeing professional women from self-sabotaging goals and helping them build a life of purpose. She helps her clients ditch overwhelm by finding their voice through the process of rebuilding habits and expectations, so they can feel successful – both professionally and at home.

Susan truly believes the words of Jordan Peterson: “Incremental improvement is unstoppable.”

Susan partnered with me on a thought-provoking process to identify my vision and address my most challenging obstacles. She encouraged me and unearthed my self-confidence. Susan taught me how to advocate for myself and embrace a new mindset – to be intentional and growth oriented. 

Renee V.

Through guided conversations and small action steps that built each meeting, Susan helped me gain confidence in myself and my abilities as a finance professional to start voicing opinions with confidence. I no longer feel like an outsider, but one of the team.

Heather S.

Susan helped me brainstorm ways to improve time management. She helped me put things in perspective and know that small improvements are significant. I feel empowered by the strategies Susan taught me. If time starts getting away from me, I have the power to stop and re-group.

Lacey C.

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